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This article will provide you with a realistic, pragmatic approach and a set of tools to work with open source—just like you’re probably already doing today—but with a stronger backbone and an arsenal of answers when your legal department calls you about ”WTF no one told them you developers use…

rGet Figmagic from

Dale Sande, Design Technologist at Alaska Airlines, makes a brilliant introduction to his talk on design systems and web components, when he shows Apple and Disney’s web sites from 1996, and says:

Teams were put together for these very small things to build. The technology wasn’t big, so you didn’t…

Still holds true! And yes: Humblebee is always hiring people who are dabbling with code and new technology (like ML). Source:

There are quite a few uphill battles if you want to delve into machine learning: understanding basic statistics, probably needing to learn Python, getting to know all of the data science libraries like Pandas, having a grasp of what ML is and what it can do, and so on and…

As of yet, no belief system on the planet (or beyond) will keep you safer…

After having worked intensely with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for the last year, I henceforth divide my wishes into the following compartments:

  1. Things I wish I knew
  2. Things I wish I did
  3. Things I wish AWS had released

I hope you will get something in all those three categories here…

Universal Developer — The unicorn for 2020?

Situation: It’s the year 2020. Every organization scrambles to be “digital-native”, possessing the capability of moving legacy business models and procedures, often based in physical space, to always-available, globally distributed, data-driven, software-based services. They dream of wielding their futures markets (or users, or customers, or citizens…) as quickly and masterfully…

Mikael Vesavuori

Cloud Software Architect (and Technical Standards Lead) at Polestar

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