Some dumb objections I have heard when discussing privacy in the context of analytics

Don’t laugh too hard—you probably also said some of these things at some point!

Objection #1: “Are you trying to say that Google Analytics is illegal, as in non-compliant with GDPR, ePrivacy Directive and so on…?”

Objection #2: “Aren’t you over-reading the law and making it seem harsher than it is?”

Objection #3: “But we just want to follow how everyone else is doing it, and your way seems too convoluted and pedantic! It’s impractical and useless!”

Objection #4: Various complaining in the tradition of “But Marketing has always used Google Analytics!” or “We can’t afford a non-free solution” or “We will lose the capability to work with remarketing/multi-site tracking/any other invasive tracking”

Objection #5: “It’s not too important; there is no enforcement; we will take our chances”



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Mikael Vesavuori

Cloud Software Architect (and Technical Standards Lead) at Polestar